Wrocław Spatial Information System

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Basic tools

Map switcher

List of available maps can be toggled using "Inne mapy" button in upper right corner.

Lista map

Layer handling

Layers and layer groups

You can toggle layer visibility on and off using checkboxes next to layer names. Bare in mind that layers are visible on the map only when the checkbox nex to the layer itself is marked as well as every layer group the layer belongs to. Also note that turning layer group visibility on not always toggles its child layers. These may need to be turned on seperately.

An example is pictured below. Layer "Apteki" needs to be specifically turned on to be visible on the map, despite its parent layer group being already turned on.

Layer groups
Drzewo warstw

You can find two types of layer groups in our maps. A cached layers marked with Cached layer icon which are much faster to work on but don't allow you to toggle their contents on and off, and dynamic layers marked with Dynamic layer icon which do but are slower in response.

Layers not visible in current zoom level are greyed out.

You can toggle all layers at once using Expand layers info button.

It is possible to change layer group ordering and transparency by clicking right mouse button on a layer name.
Layer group ordering and trasparency

Choosing "Transparency" option opens a window allowing you to specify layer group transparency through a slider or percentage number.

Layer transparency
Map legend

Map legend is available under "Legend" tab in "Map contents, legend" widget. The legend shows only symbols of currently visible layers.

You can also view symbols associated with given layer directly in layer tree.

Search for address

If "Search for address" widget is not visible by default you can turn it on using Search menu.

Formatka wyszukiwania ulic/adresów

The widget helps you to find desired street by showing a list of possible matches.

Street search autocompletion

Once an existing street is selected a list of associated address points becomes visible.

Address points associated with a street

Clicking on an address point zooms in on its location. Hovering over it with a mouse only highlights its location in map view

Search for parcel

The widget is usually available to open in bottom left corner. If it's not the case use the "Search" menu.

Search for parcel widget

To search for parcel you need to specify three parameters in exact order: Precinct, Map sheet and Parcel number. Each dropdown becomes active once the preceeding parameter has been set. You can specify only first one or two parameters and click "Search" button to view all parcels fitting the criteria.

Search for POI

This widget is only available to use in our Base map.

Formatka wyszukiwania POI

You can narrow the search by choosing one of the categories from dropdown menu. Type a phrase to search for (a name or an address) and click Search.

The search results are grouped into categories. Click on a category to expand it.

Search for Local Plans

The widget is available only on our Local Plans map. The search is possible through any of the following parameters: a number, title or its part, resolution number, enactment date, status, address or parcel.

Search for local plans widget

You can turn on plan drawing directly fromsearch results list using Show/hide plan drawing icon. A new window should appear allowing you to select a drawing ("Rysunek" - will show only a plan contents, "Legenda" will show only map legend, "Oryginał" will show a drawing in its entirety with legend and other content). We strongly recommend turning "Plan boundaries" layer off before viewing plan drawings.

Plan drawings are also available among other tools in plan identification popup.

Plan details icon

Each icon represents a different tool:

Plan drawing icon - Toggle plan drawing

Plan details icon- Detailed information on local plan

Add plan to selection icon - Add plan to selection

Remove plan from selection icon - Remove plan from selection

Identify objects on a map

Clicking any point of a map opens a popup containing every identifiable object currently visible in given area. Note not every layer cointains such objects.

Uproszczona formatka identyfikacji

Print and export map


To enable printing menu click Printing icon or go to "File" menu

You may need to allow your web browser to open pop-up windows in order for printing functionality to work.

Formatka ustawień druku

In the printing menu you can specify:

Export map

You can also quickly export a georeferenced image containing current map view using Export map icon icon. A following window should appear:

xport map popup

You can share your current map view and all its settings by generating a URL using Generate URL icon icon. You can share generated URL by any desired means.

Formatka odnośnika do mapy

Add WMS service

It is possible to add external WMS (Web Map Service) directly to map view. Click Add WMS icon to open the following menu.

Add WMS menu

We provide you with a predefined list of WMS services managed by numerous entities such as Wrocław cadastral unit etc. To add a service simply select it from the list and click "connect" button. In addition to predefined services you can also specify your own in "Add new serice menu". After connecting to a service you need to configure it in a following window.

Configure WMS service

To remove newly added WMS service from view right click on it in "Map contents" widget and select "Delete" option.

Delete WMS service

Measurements and drawings

Coordinates measurement

To pick coordinates of a given point activate a tool using Measure coordinates icon and click on a map. A window with a set of coordinates should appear allowing you to select a desired spatial reference system.

Distance measurement

To activate distance measuring tool click Distance measurement icon icon. Start measurement by clicking on a map. End measurement by double clicking on a map.

To remove measurements from map view go to "Drawings" menu and select "Clear drawing" option.

Area measurement

To activate area measuring tool click Area measurement icon icon. Tool behaves similarily to distance measuring tool


Drawing tools allow you to draw points, lines, shapes and text directly in map view. To access these tools click Drawing icon icon.

Drawing widget

Available drawing tools:

Export and import drawing

You can export drawings made using our application to GML or KML format, and import them into map view.

Drawing properties

Lista szkiców

The following options are available upon clicking Ikona rozwiń icon.

Selection and analyses

Objects on an active layer are open to selection. You can read currently active layer in the bottom toolbar. To make a layer active right click on its name and choose "Change active layer" option.

"Selection and analyses" widget

Open the widget using Selection and analyses icon by going to "Selection" menu. Go to "advanced" tab to access full functionality.

Selection and analyses widget
Selection modes

New selection icon New selection

Add to selection icon Add to selection

Remove from selection icon Remove from selection

Common part icon Common part

Draw selection area

It is possible to choose objects from an active layer using specified geometry using one of the following tools.

Select by rectangle button Select by rectangle

Select by line icon Select by line

Select by polygon icon Select by polygon

Select by circle icon Select by circle

Select by point icon Select by point

Select by current map extent icon Select by current map extent

Select by drawing icon Select by drawing. More about drawing

It is possible to add maximum of 1000 features at once to selection.


Object selection highlights them on the map and allows you to generate tabular reports using Basic report icon icon. Below an example selection report.

Basic report

Select by attributes

It is also possible to select objects using their attributes. Following example will search for local plan zones for "uslugi" (services) planned land use and add results to selection.

Select by attributes

Choose from another layer

Selection between layers is possible only within one layer group marked with either Cached layer icon or Dynamic layer iconicon.